How to Hack Cookie Clicker

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6 Responses to How to Hack Cookie Clicker

  1. ED WALL says:

    that game is so gay you click cookies for an hour

  2. Alexander Roch says:

    Shut up faggot, He said like 50 times that it’s a stupid game. Your just
    that person that goes around on youtube criticizing people and you don’t
    even upload videos. So go back to poof school with all your gay mates and

  3. Brocker Focker says:

    Watch the desc.

  4. Thomas Woldhuis says:

    then why would you be watching the video????

  5. Mub Munch says:

    >cookie clicker >lame you fuck

  6. Oliver Hilton says:

    there is a way to hack it! just check my channel

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