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19 Responses to Flappybird MMO Hack

  1. DaBeastwithDaBeats says:

    is there anyway to do this on a mac?

  2. Reece Wittman says:

    Inspect Element doesn’t change anything permanently.
    This is a troll.

  3. calum mclellan says:

    copy this into the javascript console

  4. RickyGaming says:

    People really don’t think. The ‘inspect element’ is only for YOU and YOUR
    computer. Unless you manage to get into the server, you won’t affect anyone

  5. WizardUncleMud says:


  6. Odhran Murphy says:

    This is awesome!!!

  7. MrTboneKG says:


  8. victor carlsen says:

    haha i did it xD

  9. Chris Jonkoping says:

    I have just tested this out and for anyone else in the server it won’t lag
    and it’ll only show your name with 16 letters/numbers for anyone else

  10. HopperVSGaming says:

    Oh so because of you the servers are lagging. Fuck you.

  11. Bdani2000 says:

    only you will see the lage text.

  12. Gadi Polster says:

    how do i do this!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. Avecy Tunez says:

    Wow thanks for using my music rofl ! :D

  14. Popescu Alin says:

    i blocked the game xD

  15. Creative .Gaming says:

    wow you know you shouldnt even be able to get money with this shit and
    every FUCKING knock off is free

  16. jort93z says:

    lol only works for me

  17. Battlefield Bear says:

    this works i use it reece is a cod fan of course hes to retarded to know
    how to do it

  18. Flappybirdwin says:

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