Flappy Bird – 23!

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25 Responses to Flappy Bird – 23!

  1. ballinlorens says:

    i dont understand why i have so many dislikes i said i got 23 and if u
    continue to watch the video you will clearly see i got 23.

  2. Charlie Butchko says:

    That sucks1

  3. Alpha HeLIx says:

    That game makes me want to kill myself

  4. Mista Tarantula says:

    Hey guess what?
    If Nintendo wanted to, they could sue the guy who makes this game >:)
    Pipes = Copyrighted material

  5. Charlie Butchko says:

    That sucks1

  6. MrONAZable says:

    My friend got 238 -.- I barely can get 12

  7. Maria Juenemann says:

    Mines 36 -.-

  8. Joseluis Zermeno says:

    Omg how do people get so much my high score is 13 but I can’t pass it <3

  9. jr joey says:

    i got 45 so i dont get why you post that beacuse 45 is higher than 23

  10. jose pravia says:

    My highscore is 8 lol

  11. Chronno64 says:

    Got 31.

  12. nohosobolo says:

    what app were you using to record this?

  13. thejam7129 says:

    23 is horrible thats why you got so many dislikes

  14. James Lu says:

    23 is not a lot 

  15. Greg Gordon says:

    Damn I got 109

  16. WarZBandits says:

    anyone have the apk for android since they took it off the app store?!

  17. Evan Meli says:

    My is 73

  18. Owen Harrington says:

    My records 50

  19. Steven Ward says:

    i got 500

  20. Austin Lowe says:


  21. Autumn Miranda says:


  22. Danny Johnson says:

    1 is my record

  23. Matt Laboss says:

    My record is 103

  24. NoUsername_____ says:

    Everyone in our school got iPads…. So yeah. Mine is 12. My friend, who
    prob. Has the highest in the school has 74 ._.

  25. Valacon X says:


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