Cookie Clicker | Infinite cookies & Auto-clicker | Hack – Cheat | Save Files

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I'm a younger who like to explore the world of gaming,to create new program and tools and to help others how i can.
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25 Responses to Cookie Clicker | Infinite cookies & Auto-clicker | Hack – Cheat | Save Files

  1. Pigzillah says:

    Before commenting i would like to point out that cookie clicker has
    updated, so these may not work, im working on something at the moment that
    will be even more efficient when it comes to collecting cookies!

  2. thedeadliest robloxia says:

    i went to this video looking for another video so HA

  3. jason swafford says:

    its not working

  4. SmashMan108 says:

    +Pigzillah can you help me out it doesnt work

  5. ars shb says:

    If you want the working stuff go to my channel. It has a video and download
    of an auto clicker.

  6. YOGSCAST Morgan says:

    this is what happened

  7. RubixCubix says:

    the auto click isn’t working

  8. kai angelo says:

    cookie clicker wont load for me it used to always load

  9. josh million says:

    go on in port save then put in the code like if it works

  10. FireProdoctions2 says:

    we want the cheats not the save

  11. Brandon Wisely says:

    is it safe

  12. luke winterble says:

    it works for me

  13. Robo Blawxers says:

    dude it says its token ilegal D:

  14. Bobby Mulligan says:

    Doesn’t work on new versin

  15. Mary Kuenning Gross says:

    ok i copyed and pasted it to my wat ever and then wat do i do?????

  16. MechanicalMan57 says:

    if they allow u to do it then its not cheating

  17. TechnoVerifications says:

    How do u do it on xbox 

  18. YOGSCAST Morgan says:

    function click_cookie( ){ document.getElementById(“bigCookie”).cli­ck( );
    setInterval(“click_cookie( )”, 1);
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

  19. jaconandeggs says:

    the auto click isnt working

  20. Varoom21 says:

    can i have your save file?

  21. Alex ninub says:


  22. Sergey Farshinyov says:

    how do u get nan cookies

  23. Thomas Hansen says:

    It works!!!

  24. sully games says:

    how do i get too consle
    with safari

  25. Venix75 says:

    interwebs lol

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