Cookie Clicker Hack/Glitch for IPhone (No Jailbreak)

Cookie Clicker Hack can be downloaded directly from our website.

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I'm a younger who like to explore the world of gaming,to create new program and tools and to help others how i can.
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25 Responses to Cookie Clicker Hack/Glitch for IPhone (No Jailbreak)

  1. Pei Helen says:


  2. PisseNisses says:

    Hahah he can use his real name on his channle but cant show his phone
    password :P

  3. Jose Sinchi says:

    Dude why did you hide your phone when you were entering the password, its
    not like we are going to go on your house and get your phone and steel all
    your cookies

  4. drspinrx1 says:


  5. Devon McDonnell says:


  6. the_gamerrr456 says:

    Speak up faggot

  7. James Forde says:

    It’s faster to just tap it manually 

  8. Malcolm Marshall says:

    i get WAYYYYYYYY more cookies my highest is 584. cant sat rest but that
    number in its billion

  9. Zilla Editing says:

    Calm ur tic tac

  10. viktor johnsen says:

    It’s not hacking.

  11. KnifeToKill says:

    Something is Wong with this video 

  12. NinjaCrafter says:

    Ur so stupid guys I found this first it has to be in airplane mode I have
    117 trillion from it


  13. daniel harvey says:

    When he swipes it down he gets 300000 more cookies

  14. Blaze King says:

    Posting hacks to get views… WOW such an improvised video

  15. Mr_Proredstone says:

    It’s because you have the 12hour thing the first thing on so I gives you a
    extra like 50% is maxed you can get not a glitch

  16. Anas Asskali says:

    that is not a hack you just have buy many Coursers

  17. Alex Manners says:

    it may not work for some people for e.g it did not work for me but some of
    you are swearing at him its not his fault if it does not work for you he
    made it to help you and if it did not help you go elsewhere you are the
    real assholes

  18. Nico Cordero says:

    Are you phillipino?

  19. David Wang says:

    Y r u on aeroplane mode u shunk

  20. james McMullen says:

    iPhone unlocking and hacking automation can be downloaded from *HACK-IPHONES.
    COM* or checkout their profile link its free

  21. Lexybyrd says:

    If you have updated the app it will no longer allow you. It will say “cheat
    detected” followed by a “Don’t cheat man!”

  22. Logan King says:

    Ur a retard

  23. bulshit twe says:

    Ya you will get more cookies if you click two times on the home button and
    than go back to the game then you’ll usually have more cookies (i’ve got an

  24. Marc Nairn says:

    I’m still further than you 

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